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Buy Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock  Clear Carts. Moonrock clear carts are 1 gram each and are high-end THC distillates that test approximately 80-90%. Moonrocks clear cartridges come in a number of different strains and dr Zodiak has formulated moonrock clear carts with high-end distillates. This is the top cart at the moment with a high THC of 99%. . If you are looking for a cartridge that has a high THC level to get you high in under a minute then this cart might be the perfect one.

Our  Moonrock clear cartridges come in a number of different flavors which include: lion heartLynwood lemonade, bobby blue’s, silverback, frosty snow cone, and razzle-dazzle. Moonrock clear carts have several flavors and are here to stay due to their high THC content. If you are in need of a cartridge that can take you to the moon and back then this is the right one for you. Buy Marijuana in Australia

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Are Moonrock clear carts safe?

Yes, Our Moonrock clear cartridges are 100% safe and lab-tested. Also, there are no additives added to this cartridge. It does a perfect job of getting you high in a matter of 2 minutes or so. So sit back on a comfortable spot and enjoy your dope. You will feel very calm and pleased for the rest of your day.

Moonrock strains include:

All these moonrock strains are equally mind-blowing, you can order all these moonrock cartridge strains online from our website.

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 Moonrock clear  flavors

Dr. Zodiak moonrock clear carts come in 7 flavors. Some of the flavors we have for sale online include the following:

Razzle Dazzle Clear :


Razzle Dazzle Clear :

This flavor has a moderate THC level which ranges from about 10-19%. It is very good to take if you want to still do other activities for the day. Buy Royal Tramadol Online 

The other flavors which are equally good to try out include: Buy Tramadol Online 

  • silverback clear:  

This is a high-end THC distillate with levels of up to 90%. Tramadol

  • bobby blues clear :

This bobby blue clear flavor also has a very high THC level of 90%

Our shop has all the moon clear cartridges you are looking for. we have all types of flavors and strains with varying amounts of THC just for you.

The many advantages of taking this cart are :

  • instant high
  • increased self-confidence
  • increased creativity