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Cookies Cannabis Strain

Order Cali Cookies Cannabis Strain Online Cali Cookies Cannabis Strain Online Where To Order Cali Cookies Online Cali Cookies Strain For Sale. LA Cookies cannabis strain is a potent Indica dominant hybrid by Cali Connection Seed Co. Buds are dense and frosty, bearing dark purple and green leaves that get darker towards the end of the flowering period. The flavor is bold with accents of hash and the heavy funk of OG Kush with a spicy undertone. Best for evening usage.

Type of High

Order Cali Cookies Cannabis Strain OnlineLA Cookies cannabis strain’s high brings a full body stone which will sweep you off your feet with its stony essence. Buy Cannabis Online Australia


Breeder: Cali Connection Seed Co.
Genetics: LA Cookies cannabis strain is a cross between LA Affie and Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strains. Buy Weed Online Europe

Indica / Sativa Ratio

  • Indica Dominant Hybrid (30% Sativa / 70% Indica)

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 15.00/20.00% THC
  • —/—% CBD
  • —/—% CBN

Firstly, This tertiary backcross enriches the strain’s Cookie attributes while enhancing its savory terpene profile. The aroma is pungent and doughy with touches of pine, while the flavor is sweet with candied cherries, butter cookies, and earth.

This perfect middle-of-the-road hybrid relaxes the body while enhancing mood, making it a natural complement for consumers suffering from chronic pain.


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Strain Quantity

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11 reviews for Cali Cookies

  1. Xoxo

    Thank you for your service.. We will never forget. xoxo

  2. Hemia

    Cali cookies I’m ready to order some. Lol

  3. Cookies lover

    Smoking a bud of Cali Cookies. Outstanding taste and buzz. From a 72 year old fart.

  4. Dan

    I can’t tell you this is a strong weed, cause that is an understatement. It had me nearly unable to carry on a conversation and/or move for about 4 hours. so yeah….

  5. Vanessa young

    Cali Cookies is quite a famous weed strain. No matter what part of the world I travel to, I am always able to get this, and that too at very normal rates. And the aroma, flavor, smell all is excellent.

  6. Crawford

    This was some pretty strong stuff. A few puffs from my vaporizer and I was glued to the couch, virtually unable to budge for hours. After about two hours, it completely knocked me out and I woke up as the movie I had just started was ending. For as strong as the high was, it didn’t mess with my brain too much and I was mostly just relaxed as I tried to watch movies with my wife. There are two reasons that I don’t give this a fully five stars. First, I don’t like being glued to the couch quite like that and second, it gave me a terrible dry mouth. I normally handle dry mouth like a champ, but this was downright extreme

  7. Professor Gary

    Whosoever invented this one, and whosoever named it this to be even more precise, did an outstanding job. This usually appeals to most of us first of all due to its name and then due to its taste and effect. And as a college professor, most of my teen-aged girls like to start their weed journey with this one. Very truly said, name can work wonders.

  8. Jane

    Cali Cookies is a strain that is considered safe and is well tolerated by most new users of THC. But that is not all. It has also got some great mind altering properties. Furthermore, even consumers who are used to weed, like the effect and taste of it.

  9. Tavarez

    I’m nearly at the end of flowering that smell of citrus is overwhelming it leaves a smell in your nose long after you leave them can’t wait to try them out!

  10. Mad max

    Has that sweet bin juice tasting OG Kush flavour with a berry crumble type aftertaste. Pretty sure im gonna ride the couch hard

  11. Simone

    Can anyone tell me a strain that’s good for pain but dont give you that much of the munchies? Ty

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