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Nerds Grape & Strawberry, 12 oz

3 reviews for Nerds Grape & Strawberry, 12 oz

  1. Arena

    Wow! This is one giant overkill of Nerds for a small price. These are way more than a dollar in the family “dollar” store near me. Mostly, I can’t find them at all!. They taste sweet and citrusy. This is the very thing when you really crave a sugar rush, and that ‘s what you are going to get. I craved them desperately, but got sick of them very fast. So, most of the shipment made a big hit on game night.

  2. Jenny

    I ordered these after dieting for 8 months and in a PMS mood swing. Bad decision or great decision? That is still being decided but these were just as amazingly (and grossly) sweet and delicious as I remember from my childhood.

  3. Debbie(united Kingdom)

    I was a little skeptical because of all the other reviews where people were saying that they only received one box. I ordered anyways and thought, “eh I’ll just return it and get my money back if that happens.” Happy to announce that all 12 boxes came and there were no issues with shipping! This is a great deal!

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