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Buy Purple Trainwreck strain Online Purple Trainwreck strain For Sale Order Purple Trainwreck strain Online Buy Purple Trainwreck For Sale . Purple Trainwreck has a spicy and fruity flavor and is a cross between Trainwreck and Granddaddy Purple. It has an 18 percent THC level and has a leafy appearance that is deep green in color with traces of purple. Buy Cannabis Online Australia

Flavors And Taste

It has a spicy aroma that is similar to that of Trainwreck with hints of lemon and berries that create a very sweet and pungent aroma. Its flavor is sweet with a sour hint of lemon in places. The purple buds of this strain look very pleasing. Purple Trainwreck has powerful, euphoric effects on your system that take quite a long while to completely dissipate. Buy Cannabis Online Europe

 Purple Trainwreck strain For Sale Order Purple Trainwreck strain Online Buy Purple Trainwreck For Sale


It is a Sativa dominant strain, which is clear due to the strong Sativa high produced by it. Its smoke is clean and feels good. The strain calms your nerves and is excellent for alleviating all symptoms of anxiety and depression. You also tend to feel sleepy after smoking it, which is why it is a good solution for insomnia as well. Buy Weed Online Germany


You can also get relief from migraines and other chronic pains by using Purple Trainwreck. Moreover, it is used for treating mood swings, nausea, hyperactivity and inattentiveness. Its side effects include experiencing dry eyes and dry mouth. Buy Weed Online UK

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2 reviews for Purple Trainwreck

  1. Blanket

    The plant turned violet purple and smells crazy good. It reminds me of Purple Haze.

  2. Swanson

    I suffer from sezures, anxiety, memory loss, inability to type with all my fingers. due the a head injury I suffered 15 years ago. also am missing a disk in lower back, and authritus. as well as depression, and insomnea. please help!
    thank you!

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