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Buy Pakistan Valley Kush Online Order Pakistan Valley Kush Online Where To Buy Pakistan Valley Kush Online Pakistan Valley Kush For Sale. As the name suggests, Pakistan Valley Kush is from the Hindu Kush Mountain in Northern Pakistan. It is easily recognizable due to its tough, branched outer shell and the unique smell as well as high potency. The Pakistan Valley Kush has dark green and leafy buds covered in crystals. It boasts a THC level of 21.2% and has high CBD levels as well. The strain is an effective medical drug and has most of the positive effects associated with indica dominant marijuana.

The user’s body starts buzzing after the first few inhales and then a calming state descends upon them. It makes smokers lazy and prone to sleep therefore no physical activity should be indulged in while using this drug. Pakistan Valley Kush provides relief from all kinds of headaches including migraines. It is also used by patients to treat mild as well as chronic pain. Due to its sleep inducing characteristic, the strain is also used by insomniacs. Patients with tumors also report reduced symptoms after smoking Pakistan Valley Kush. The Kush tastes sweet and fruity, which is a pleasant treat for marijuana appreciators. The aroma that emanates from it when lit up is also very sweet-smelling and pleasant.

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2 reviews for Pakistan Valley Kush

  1. Dwayne

    The flavour on this strain is just unreal. A very musky heavy kush flavour followed by sweetness on the exhale. Lovely! The bud structure is great. This strain is great for those that like fruity flavour buds but also love kush. This is what the coffeeshops of Amsterdam used to smell like 20 years ago!

  2. Mona

    Exhibits similar characteristics to it’s Afghani Hindu Kush, very close-in-proximity to the general region, cousin … The only difference is that this has a sweet, fruity overtone to it, whereas the Afghani is intially earthy & piney on the pallete.

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