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Buy Mr. Nice Guy strain Online Order Mr. Nice Guy strain Online Mr. Nice Guy strain For Sale Where To Buy Mr. Nice Guy strain Online. This medical marijuana strain which is otherwise called as ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ is an indica-dominant strain created by Sensi Seeds. Buy Weed Online In Germany

Strains History

This strain is the second prize winner of the ‘2004 High Life Cup’. This was created by crossing Government-13 (G-13) strain with the Hash Plant. This strain is named in honor of ‘Howard Marks’, the Oxford graduate who became a folk legend by writing his autobiography in the title ‘Mr. Nice’ which tells the narrative of his own life as one of the biggest smugglers of Marijuana. Buy Viagra Online 

Buy Mr. Nice Guy strain Online Order Mr. Nice Guy strain Online Mr. Nice Guy strain For Sale Where To Buy Mr. Nice Guy strain Online.

THC Potency

The indica/sativa ratio of this strain is 80:20 and THC is ranging between 13 to 19%. The plant is dark green colored with bigger purple leaves covered in orange and white colored hairs running all over the buds. This strain has a fruity aroma which is described as walking through an orchid. Buy Cannabis Online Australia

Aroma And Taste

The taste of this strain is also fruity and sweet. Mr. Nice strain is recommended to be used during the latter part of the day or at night for easing out severe aches/pains. It can also be utilized in the evening for relieving stress, depression and anxiety. Buy Weed Online Europe

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3 reviews for Mr. Nice Guy

  1. Palma

    Picked up a couple grams of Mr.Nice Guy (Mr.Nice x OG) which was an interesting strain. It hits you off the gate with a strong head high that stimulated appetite that is followed by a creeping body high that put me right to sleep. Smell is VERY potent. As I grinded the smell filled my entire room. It’s very earthy (I can relate it to a Bubba taste and smell wise). All together not a bad strain. Good for Insomnia and Appetite Stimulant – 8.3/10

  2. James 664

    Put it inside my hookah & my depression is gone. I feel so happy.

    MadamStoner – April 8, 2020, 12:21 a.m.
    I had a bad time with 1034 se 122nd mr. nice guy they told me the bud was almost 22% so I would bye it but the bud was only 17% when I called they said to bad so don’t go the mr. nice guy or you will be sorry

    I’m thinking that the hash plant is the mother here and not the g13 due to the thc levels, could be wrong but if it were the other way around this strain would probably be in the 20% average………….anyway It kicks ass, super sticky, hard with resin, sweet piney smell loud af….has 1%cbn and 1%cbd I notice this makes this a straight up couchlock indica and I like it a lot!

  3. Moan

    I absolutely love this. Smoke a little and you get a good buzz, smoke a lot and you can have a great time. At first hunger was a huge problem. I would eat until I was sick. It’s mostly a need to taste. Your sense of taste gets intense. My solution was to eat honey! Full of flavor but not filling. Dry mouth was also a huge problem! One thing it does is make you extremely focused on something, whether it’s a song or a text or anything. Whatever you’re doing, that’s all that exists to you. Also depth perception gets really off and you aren’t as connected to reality, which is fun because it makes you so damn happy! Constant grinning. And you think a lot. Also I have problems with it making me twitchy. All in all it’s become my favorite! I love it!

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