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Buy Grandma’s Sugar Cookies Strain Online Order Grandma’s Sugar Cookies Strain Online Where To Buy Grandma’s Sugar Cookies Strain Online. Also known as “Grandma Sugar Cookies”, Grandma is whipping up a dank plate of Grandma’s Batch, the 2014 winner for Best Indica in the Seattle Cannabis Cup.

This 100% indica strain offers a moderate THC level close to 16%, although its creators keep the exact percentage secret. In addition, the exact genetics of Grandma’s Batch are mysteriously unknown, although it does bear striking similarities to the insanely popular Girl Scout Cookies and is likely a phenotype of this strain. Buy Cannabis Online Europe

This bud offers an immediate onrush of a super strong head high and elevated feeling with a heavy potency and a long-lasting effect. When smoking this bud in moderate doses, patients report feeling a sense of tranquility and, oftentimes, an overwhelming feeling of couch-lock.

Grandma’s Batch is ideal for patients who suffer from long-term conditions such as depression and anxiety, especially conditions such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Be ready for buttery earthy tastes with a sweet exhale and a sweet earthy aroma when you smoke it, and an immediate feeling of well being that comes immediately afterwards. Buy Magic Mushrooms Online 

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6 reviews for Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

  1. Bex

    I love it tastes amazing and it gets you there

  2. Nick123

    a relaxing mellow body high , good taste deff an indica I’m be enjoying for awhile

  3. Pablo

    I’m really a big fan of this strain. I was able to test the potency of what I had with the HiGrade scope and app, measuring the potency at 23% THC. Definitely one of my favorites lately!

  4. Kon4509

    Smooth smoke, tasty very similiar to girl scout cookies! Awesome relaxation feeling I’d smoke this bud any day

  5. Pink

    My absolute favorite!! From the looks to the taste

  6. Sharma

    I don’t give many 5* rating but this does everything you want a Indica to do. Full body high but functional and very potent, so beginners be easy or you’ll be sleep fast. To the moon and back with this one.

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