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Buy Cindy 99 BHO Wax. Cinderella 99, otherwise known as C99, or simply “Cindy,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm.
She’s best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields.
According to Mr. Soul, C99 was created using seeds found in a Sensi branded 2 gram package of Jack Herer purchased at an Amsterdam coffee shop.

Cindy’s effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting.

What Is BHO Wax

BHO wax is “weed without the weed.” It involves extracting the terpenes and cannabinoids from marijuana. There are various forms of concentrates, including shatter, budder, and wax. The difference lies in the extraction method used and the consistency of the product.

Buy Cindy 99 BHO Wax. Wax is one way to get the most from the excess parts of the plant left over after trimming the buds. There isn’t much THC in these parts of the plant, but that’s why you can use them to create wax. You can salvage parts such the stems and the leaves. Unless you plan to make edibles, these elements of your crop usually end up in the compost bin.

You can create BHO wax by grinding up the flower or excess trimmed parts of the plant. Next, you pack them tightly into a tube. One effective method is the use of a proper extractor tube. However, many people use PVC or metal pipes with sealed fittings at the end.

Once all of the material is stuffed securely in the tube, butane (a liquid solvent) is then run through it. The solution extracts all the active compounds in the raw material and leaves you with THC-rich oil/wax.

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3 reviews for Cindy 99 BHO Wax

  1. CJay

    i simply love this strain and its phenotypes. there is the original, a pineapple and a grapefruit c99 pheno types have a very similar happy head high with plenty of sedation. i can smoke this be relaxed and pain free yet function. enjoy.

  2. Mathew

    I absolutely love this strain. I enjoy tinkering with electronics but I am also a creative person and this strain gives me a perfect balance of focus and creativity without losing focus and going off on a creative tangent. I will say if you stop moving and are just chilling out you just may find yourself slightly couch locked but able to bring yourself out of it. This is my favorite strain next to chocolope. I have had a medical card for 2 months so i am not a seasoned strain expert yet but i have been a user of cannabis for years and cindy99 is a clear,energizing yet dreamy sativa sure to let you clean or crunch numbers should you choose 🙂

  3. John Kush king

    Cinderella 99 (AKA: Cindy-Cindy99-C99) by PFFN is a Sativa Dominate Hybrid containing 27% THC! My eighth had five hard medium dark green buds with some golden undertones & champagne pink pistils. Huge crystal droplet trichomes cover the buds. Smell & taste is a fruity citrus pine. Happy & uplifting energy are the effects I received which is perfect for getting through my work day. Protect The Harvest!!

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