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Buy Blue Walker Strain Online Order Blue Walker Strain Online Blue Walker Strains For Sale Where To Order Blue Walker Strain Online. Blue Walker is a hybrid marijuana strain that is produced by crossing Skywalker with Blue Dream.

It’s Indica/ Sativa content is 10/90 percent. It has 26.77 percent THC level, 1.13 percent CBN level and 3.96 percent CBD level. Buy Cannabis Online Australia


Buy Blue Walker Online. It has medium sized green colored leaves, small nugs that are covered with yellow trichomes and bright orange hair. It has a good potency so its THC level is assumed to be moderate to high. Blue Walker is potent cannabis that produces a full body buzz that lasts for quite a long time on your system. Buy Weed Europe

It immediately impacts your body and makes you feel highly energized, peaceful, euphoric and relaxed. The strain has a lovely fruity aroma that instantly hits you and calms you. Blue Dream

Blue Walker is a pleasant strain to smoke due to its smooth and fruity taste. Its smoke is smooth and feels clean inside. Due to its calming effects, Blue Walker is a perfect antidote for anxiety, stress and depression. Zkittles

It alleviates all the symptoms of these illnesses and makes you feel peaceful. Medical patients of migraines also use it for getting relief from the terrible headache.

It is also a good antidote for pain and nausea. It is quite safe to smoke, but tends to make your mouth and eyes dry and also induces couch-lock. Buy Cannabis Online Europe

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3 reviews for Blue Walker

  1. Denis Solomon

    Wow nice strain for any rocketman or wonder woman. For anyone who enjoys really great relaxing high.

  2. Anita Manny

    Wow nice strain for any rocketman or wonder woman. For anyone who enjoys really great relaxing high.

  3. Kim Thortson

    Blue walker is one great high that is totally out of this world, and absolutely different from the other varieties of weed. I tried this for the first time when I was with my cousin Jim, and we both smoked an entire evening after which it was all crazy. I won’t say we were out of control, we were very much in our senses, even drove for a few hours, but it was just like reaching the border and not crossing it. The experience was awesome.

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