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10 reviews for 1500 mg CBD Sleep Aid Tincture + Melatonin

  1. Meow

    This product is amazing. I have had depression/anxiety on and off for years, and recently due to COVID my anxiety was out of control. I was freaking out daily, not able to sleep due to worrying and was in a bad mood most of the time. I’ve also taken many doctor prescribed meds for depression and anxiety, most helped only a little and had side effects that I didn’t enjoy. This doesn’t work like an Advil per-se, the best results come when you use it twice a day as directed. Although, it does calm you down a bit in the moment after you first take it. I have noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety after taking it for a few weeks consistently and I don’t lie awake for hours worrying about eleventy billion things that I can’t control.

    My partner also struggles with bi polar disorder and this helps with his anxiety related to manic symptoms. Of course, seek a doctor for disorders and he is on medication as well, but just wanted to throw it out there that it does work for both of us. Also, the price is unmatched I have looked at local and online places and most charge double for the price veteran weed shop charges for the 1500mg. Taste isn’t great but it’s not about that, I think of it like medicine. I will continue to purchase. Not sure how it works for pain since I don’t use it for that purpose.

  2. Jennifer

    I started With thousand mg a week ago. I have chronic pain which includes arthritis,fibromyalgia,depression and other issues. I was using another brand but the price was outrageous. It took about 3 days to start feeling the effect, which is working very well. I am not feeling the Pain from the inflammation and my Depression and mood are doing better. I do plan on ordering more from this company. I believe I will be very happy with this product and company. I want to thank you!!!

  3. Immanuel McKay

    So far this has relieved my migranes and back aches and i can tell its working to help my antiexy i take a small dose early in my day and one around bed time

  4. Donniekitty

    This product isn’t like smoking-you don’t get an immediate high or anything like that. But after taking for just a handful of days before I knew it I was sleeping better, exercising more due to an improved attitude, and even feeling a lot less stress at my very stressful corporate job. I was so thankful that this product kicked in as I was having a rough few months after a car accident as well-and I’ve almost completely stop seeing the chiropractor. Anytime I see this product go on sale I immediately buy a bottle-specifically I get the 1500 mg bottle, and I take every morning when I wake up-and sometimes a little bit before I get into my routine to calm down for the night. Wonderful product

  5. Rudolph and billy

    I use the oil for my dog and myself for pain. My dog has a neurological problem. The oil helps him walk. As well as hair, nails, helping with sleep and all around feeling better. I highly recommend trying it.

  6. Laura Joyce

    I was hesitant to try this so read all the discriptions of the CBD Hemp Oil products and felt this tincture sounded the best. I
    am not disappointed. This has really helped me and improved my life in two ways. First, It has relieved the Bursitis pain in my leg so I can take my daily walk smiling instead of limping. Secondly, it has somehow given me the confidence I was lacking in interacting with other people. I feel much more relaxed when confronted with others in daily tasks.
    It has no bad tastes and the mg strength is a nice amount. I have recommended this Tincture to friends

  7. Emily and kevin

    My fiance and I bought this product a few weeks ago. We use it every night before bed. We have both noticed amazing benefits. First, I am an awful sleeper. It usually takes me hours to get to sleep and I wake up several times. BUT since taking this oil, I have been able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. It works better than any sleep medicine I have tried. My fiance has also had a better quality of sleep and feels more rested when he wakes up. Second, I naturally am a stressed and anxious person, and being in law school only makes it worse. But since taking this oil, I have just generally felt calmer and less stressed and anxious. Third, both my fiance and I have noticed that our skin has fewer blemishes since taking this oil.
    While the taste of the oil is definitely something you need to get used to, it is safe to say we will continue to purchase this amazing product from veteran weed shop!!!

  8. Shel drake

    Let me start by saying that I’m a esophageal cancer survivor. In 2006 I did the whole thing from chemo to radiation , to surgery which removed 7 inches of my esophagus and 1/2 of my stomach. After that I have had 5 surgeries to bypass 40 inches of my small intestines to help in relief of intestinal reflex not acid reflex which comes from your stomach.
    I’m 12 years out and think God I’m cancer free. My gastroenterologist says that I’m in the 1% cancer club because only less then 1% of esophageal cancer patients make it this long without it coming back.
    After taking this CBD oil for the past 10 days, my depression, anxiety and pain in my hips and knees have been better and and it improving every day. This seems to be a very positive and helping my problems very much ch.
    The customer service has been top notch and Answered my emails in the same day. Buy the product, it’s well worth the money and the results have been above my expectations! Keep up the good work and product.

  9. Bella

    I am normally a sceptical person in some ways, however- this product, I’m so pleased to say- is the te “real deal!!” My aniexty seemed to nearly instantly have a noticeable improvement, which continued to get better and better. Friends and family alike, have made remarks to me recently about how I have changed – for the better. After suddenly & unexpectedly my husband of 35 years passed away, I hit a true bottom in my grief and unbelief. Nearly unbearable. The various pharma my well-meaning physician prescribed did virtually nothing to alleviate the depression, anxiety and overwhelming pain. The mind & body connection is truly real …. so my physical pain went through the roof and loss of ability to find actual restful sleep, resulted.
    Now I’m thrilled to say I am sleeping like a child, with no effort, no “racing thoughts” and physical pain forcing me to lie there wide awake. Amazing to me!!! With real REST, my body/mind can now do what they’re designed to do – heal naturally while I truly SLEEP. And, I am forever grateful for this. Never expected such results in a million years!! I ordered my 1st bottle in April, 2nd in June and now I will reorder in August. I hope to be able to have this product ( 1,500mg) from now on. I never want to return to my previous condition. Blessings to you who have made and provided this “gift.” You obviously take utmost pride in a well-made product, created with caring.

  10. Fordjaka corringhan

    I’m a retired elite runner and have suffered from wear and tear due to all the miles i’ve put on my body, knees, and joints. I’ve had post surgical issues in my ankle joint from correctional screws and at 33 began reliving my past extensive pain. I’ve always been a fighter when it comes to pain, but it’s been a losing battle and has increasingly become unbearable. Back in 2002 after a surgery to correct a fracture, the doctor told me that I was going to have to fuse my joint later in my life and wouldn’t be unable to run or be very active. I was dreading this recently thinking now’s the time. I’ve tried everything under the sun to manage my pain. Running has always held a strong definition for me in so many ways. Being told I’m unable to run again is like taking the air from my lungs. Clearly you know where this is going…yup, I feel GREAT! Kind of shocked really. Running, walking, working out, you name it- i’m doing it all without pain! I think the real test for me will be when take my next hike up the mountains…

    Second to the physiological challenges, I’ve suffered greatly from debilitating anxiety my entire life that has only seemed to worsen as time goes on. My anxiety has ruined so many great things including jobs, decisions, relationships, and quality of life. Before a very important interview, I took my CBD oil and ate breakfast as per usual. A few moments passed and I felt a sense of confidence come over me. Just moments before my interview, my anxiety had changed to excitement. I was able to focus on the questions, speak slowly, think critically, and most importantly be myself!

    I didn’t think I’d find so much peace in a bottle.

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