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6 reviews for 1000mg CBD Oil

  1. Ross Randeau

    I’ve had arthritis, chronic pain and TMJ for years as well as associated depression. This oil has been the most effective treatment to ALL of my conditions.

    I’ve been on numerous prescriptions including opioids, all of which have contributed minimally to my relief and overall quality of life. This oil far surpasses all of them combined. My personal experience has been such that I don’t feel all of my pain has been taken away, rather that the anxiety and emotional anguish which comes with chronic pain has been alleviated, thus mental and physical relief. There is of course a sensation of bodily numbness which helps, but this really has helped my anxiety and stress the most which I believe is as equally important to address as the actual physical pain.

    I’ve been taking the 1,000mg dose which is quite potent, so only use this dosage if your pain/maladies are severe enough. It does help as a sleeping aid as well.

    If you suffer from any of the same issues as me then I recommend you give this a try, it’s helped me immensely. Everyone will likely have a somewhat different reaction but this has been my experience and hopefully yours as well.

  2. Ian devlin

    could actually feel this hit my system. I am on day 3 now and this has allowed me to think more clearly without the anxiety making my mind spin 1000 times a second. So glad I found you!!! Thanks Veteran weed shop

  3. Rick fox

    This Hemp oil has been amazingly effective for me for a number of problems (hip pain from a hip replacement, lower back pain, peripheral neuropathy, stress, anxiety, and sleep problems). It has either ‘cured’ or dramatically improved all those things.

  4. Narum Jon

    I ordered this Hemp Oil 1000mg on June 6 and received it on June 9. Ordering the product was easy and delivery was quick plus I received follow-up email from Veteran customer service about the status of my order. I bought this oil for pain relief and healthy sleep pattern. This product has exceeded my expectations because I’m getting amazing relief from arthritis pain, neuropathy and sleep problems plus it is helping with stress relief. I would definitely recommend this Hemp Oil

  5. Ben Guzman

    I suffer from pretty extreme anxiety, and if anyone knows what that feels like you know it’s important to have that relief available exactly when you need it. I just so happen to have an anxiety attack the day my R+Rmeds 1000mg was delivered. I prefer to always take a more holistic approach then go straight for my alprazolam and would love to one day not be reliant on that drug at all. Since my episode was more on the severe side, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try my oil first along with some meditation. I took just 1ml and some deep breathes and I can honestly say within minutes I felt calmer. It made me want to cry I was so happy! I will definitely be a repeat buyer of this well made product. I’m thankful the use of the marijuana plant for all different types of treatments is becoming more widely accepted. Great product !! 👏🏻👏🏻 You guys need an Instagram!! I will happily rep you all day !

  6. Anthony pinacok

    Ok so where do I begin….. First off, I would like to say I was very Leary when I purchased this being that this is not the first oil I’ve tried but I was willing to try another. I’ve had two surgeries in my back and neck do to herniated disc and the pain is debilitating at times but on my journey of searching for pain relief by means other than dangerous opioids that can destroy your life and you’re loved ones I tried this oil and let me tell you, this is by far, the best one . I took this and though I will be honest it did not take my pain away it definitely brought that pain level down from 10 to 3 and had me very relaxed and calm where as not even be bothered at all about that 3. Ladies and gents that to me, is progress and mind you, I did not up the dosage I did the recommended amount on bottle . So I give this a two thumbs up hands down best oil so far for me absolutely!!!!! Thanks Vweedshop

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